fall in love again

i loved you yesterday, I love you still, I always have, And always willAfbeelding


love your live



het leven

Veel mensen dromen van een lang en gelukkig leven. Helaas gaat dat niet altijd zo. Het leven zit vol met aangename, maar ook onaangename verrassingen. Er komen mooie dingen op je pad, maar ook vervelende dingen

Je moet zijn hoe je bent 
Hoe iedereen jou het beste kent 
Sommige vinden je leuk , andere niet 
En dat brengt je soms wel wat verdriet 
Maar er zijn altijd mensen die je steunen 
In alle geuren en kleuren 
Dus wat men ook denkt of zegt 
Onthoud goed : je bent belangeniet zo slecht.


won’t run, I won’t fly I will never make it by

Without you, without youI can’t rest,

I can’t fight All I need is you and

I AfbeeldingWithout you




The best thinks in your live are free!



It was a beautiful time, holidaylove the best time of my life♥the time that i never forget

You are someone I love you’re someone I trust you are someone for whom I live you are someone I care about. the void that you left behind.brought me a lot of grief but the love you offered was not ended with death. I have everything for you about, I would do anything for you.Because you have stolen my heart, I love you, I can do anything about it. I can only think, think of you think of your words the words I love you

Change your life

She captures her reflection then she throws the mirror to the floor
Her image is distorted screaming, “Is it worth it anymore?”
Are you scared of the things that they might put you through?
Does it make you wanna hide the inner you?
You’re not the only one so let them criticize, oh oh oh
You’re untouchable when you realize,
Change, change your life, take it all
We’re gonna stick together, know we’ll get through it all
Change, change your life, take it all
You’re gonna use it to become what you’ve always
Change, change your life, take it all

-little mix

I love you

Waiting for your phone call to come soon
And for you, oh, I would walk a thousand miles
To be in your arms
Holding my heart
Oh I, Oh I…
I Love You



Heartbreaker you didn’t get the best of me
I hope you’re happy now
You made me cry, but do you know the real why?
Think real deep, oh oh oh
Yeah heartbreaker, you ain’t so good yourself



Believe, believe, believe

I don’t know how I got here
I knew it wouldn’t be easy
But your faith in me was so clear
It didn’t matter how many times I got knocked on the floor
But you knew one day I would be standing tall
Just look at me now

Cause everything starts from something
But something would be nothing
Nothing if your heart didn’t dream with me
Where would I be, if you didn’t believe


New idea’s for a photoshoot


Coming soon! New photo’s!!


Love the live

Live the life that you love, and not love the life that you live


Live like yolo

Did you now you are an angail



The live is too short to wait, don’t make you hater happy by seeing you down, she are creazy that they hate you! You’re beautiful how you are



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